Always Be Celebrating

Learn your ABCs, which means, always be celebrating.

What does this mean? I learned about celebration from Dr. BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits framework. Celebrating trains your brain to enjoy and look forward to repeating whatever action U've just celebrated.

Most people don't know how to apply positive reinforcement to their own lives. If we can train animals and even other people through positive reinforcement, why not ourselves?

Modern society has made a lot of people subservient to the reward centers in their brain. This perverts the natural order. Our reward centers should serve us, helping to motivate us towards our own ambitions.

Like breathing, our reward centers function both subconsciously and consciously. Just like we can take control of our breathing if we choose to, we can take control of our reward centers. In order to fire our reward centers we just need to consciously celebrate.

So how does one celebrate? Remember a time U accomplished something exciting in your life. Maybe U beat a difficult boss in a video game or scored a goal in a sport. Maybe U got a job offer or U impressed a date. Whatever U felt excited about, remember how U might have expressed that feeling. For me I tend to celebrate small wins with a "Yessss" and fist pumps, for larger wins I might throw my arms and "yeahhhhh!"

Celebrating fires up the reward centers of your brain, which causes your brain to associate the activity U've just completed with pleasure. Over this time will cause your brain to crave the activity U've positively reinforced with celebration. U will find it gets easier and easier to execute the desired behavior, plus U will feel better and better afterwards.

Most people believe that what they do results from how they feel. But they don't realize the two way connection that exists in our brains between what we do and how we feel. Turn your life around so that how U feel results from what U do.

Social media sites have all tried to hack our brains and capture our reward centers. Get yourself back under your own control and see how far U will fly.