When a dear friend wishes to depart
Don't hold on tight or U might fart

Restraint becomes resentment
or it could lead to derangement
so release them from arrangements

With good cheer give them a lift
Cherish together the time U have left
Thank them for their good acts
Say U love them and other facts

When a dear friend wishes to depart
Let go, smile, and take heart
If not this trip,
then still that final trip,
the one into mystery,
will RIP them, STRIP them into history,
take them far away like a spaceship
and Thus we only borrow our friendship

When a dear friend wishes to depart
Do all U can to give them a jumpstart

Like a boomerang, joyously fling them into the distance
aim to let them fly with minimal resistance

give them ample leeway
and don't worry if they splay
and then who can say
that one day, after a long hang
they won't fly astray,
right SMACK back into your headway,
like a boomerang

When a dear friend wishes to return
Shout to them that U felt the yearn

to see their shining face
U searched through all of space
looking for their eyes
until U realize
that twinkling stars don't compare
to the sparkling of their stare

When a dear friend returns
Tell them U felt your heart burn
let your emotions churn
but don't get taciturn
as U process their return

and feel your relief
so much to say, but in brief
I. LUV. U.
Never leave again. Unless U want to. Then I won't stop U. ILUVU.