Break Laws And Tell People

In a more ideal world, the US Government would be dedicated to reviewing existing laws for effectiveness and repealing ineffective laws on its own. In this world, if we want laws repealed, then we have to talk about how we’ve broken them.

For the record, I have broken: the Controlled Substances Act, the Federal Analog Act.

Although no one has ever convicted me of a crime I have ‘ab-used’ (apparently according to the US Government there exists no way to ‘use’ marijuana in a way that isn’t abnormal, or simply possessing it wouldn’t constitute a crime) a multitude of controlled substances. I list the following drugs in descending order of harm (yup, I consider alcohol one of the most harmful substances on this list).

Modafinil: bought, used, sold

I find modafinil quite an interesting substance. I would strongly recommend you read Gwern’s analysis of it on his website. I find occasional use of modafinil to counteract sleep deficit has extreme utility. As a study aide I find it vastly preferable to to adderall (a mixture of amphetamine salts just a hop and a skip away from actual meth, you know, methamphetamine) as it does not induce jitteriness, heart palpitations, or other unpleasant physical effects. In fact, modafinil feels quite unique amongst drugs I’ve tried in having extremely low to undetectable "body load". When meditating I can feel its effect in my brain, but it feels like a minor sensation.

You can trivially acquire modafinil online.

MDAI: bought, used

MDAI felt extremely subtle to me. I would classify it as a minor psychedelic. It has no overt effects, but induces a very slight magnification of senses. It seemed to me to induce an effect of amplified beauty. I attended honors modern literature under its influence and had the most moving experiences I had ever felt during any class. I positively fell in love with To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. Perhaps Virginia had more to do with that than MDAI.

Psilocybin: bought, used, sold

Growing mushrooms feels very easy to do, I encourage you to try it yourself! People consider mushrooms a classic psychedelic. My mushroom trips have all felt very contemplative and “earthy” perhaps due to the “earthy” taste of the mushrooms. Inexperienced mushheads will experience nausea during the onset. I love the visual aspect of mushroom trips. Seeing wood floors flowing feels just so awesome. You’ve got to experience it for yourself. Viewing natural objects while on mushrooms looks fantastic. I felt it really calls you out into nature. Something about the drug seems to amplify the perception of fractals, especially in nature.

Like LSD, mushrooms made my mind more malleable. I found them very helpful in overcoming childhood fears and reshaping my present persona to be more positive and loving. Needless to say, meditation while tripping is out of this world.

LSD: bought, used, sold.

LSD is probably the most effective self-therapy drug of anything I’ve tried. The LSD trip is fantastic, assuming you’ve actually gotten LSD. Here’s a hint, if it has any flavor at all, it isn’t LSD. True LSD is flavorless and odorless.

Marijuana: bought, used to great effect in enhancing pleasurable activities, sold.

Salvia: bought, used.

MDMA: bought, used.

25C-NBOMe: used

Used to the temporary detriment of my sanity (thought it was LSD, got sloppy and didn’t test it; let this be a warning to you; of course the mistake would not have happened if legally registered LSD manufacturers were allowed to exist).

JWH-018: used.

Dextromethorphan: bought, used.

Adderall: bought, used, sold.

Tobacco: bought, used.

Alcohol: bought, used.

Mephedrone: bought, used

This is terrible; MDMA ought to be legal if only so that no one would ever seriously consider mephedrone again.


This is how I’ve decided I will react to the US Government’s ever encroaching surveillance. If they want to know everything about me, then fine. But it’s only fair that my fellow Americans also know everything about me. This is the transparent course of action.