Dialogue With Death

Well met.

Oh, Jesus! What the hell!?

Jesus? Heh, no, call me Death. Would U like to visit hell? I can arrange it. But U will have to specify which hell U want.

No, no, no thank U. Have I… Why have U come here?

Just checking in. Seems like U don't fully enjoy Ur time here. Perhaps I could shorten it for U?

What? I have a great time here…

Yesterday U almost cried while U sat on the toilet.

Well, sure, life has ups and downs. But… uh, I still have things to do here.

Fascinating. What things?

Umm… I want to write a novel still. And travel to Norway.

Doesn’t seem like U do.

What do U mean?

Seems like U want to just keep going to a job that only tangentially relates to Ur dreams. Come home drained and waste Ur time in front of a screen. And then do it all over again the next day.

I don't want to do that. I just have to. But I could do what I want eventually. I just have to build up my resources and suffer through the now, U know, until I have the circumstances I need to do my life’s work. I feel sure U understand.


What do U mean no?

Maybe I won’t let U.


U assume U will have time ‘eventually’. Maybe I’ll just end U right here. Maybe I’ll end U in a few months.

Oh my god. Would U really threaten me like that?

Oho, addressing me by my title now? Do U feel this relationship has become more formal, mortal? I will always threaten U.

Please, have mercy on me.

Very well. Take this maxim to heart: the sooner U start, the more likely U will finish.

Really though? If I start something I don't feel ready for, then maybe I won’t have the capacity to finish it.

FOOL! Have U learned nothing? Feel U not the awe? BOW BEFORE ME. U always have the capacity. If U delay starting by even five minutes, what prevents me from ending U within those five minutes?

Forgive me… I will meditate on Ur wise words.

Implement them too, imbecile, before U perish with regrets.