Do What You Love

Dear Matt,

U must always do what U luv. If U claim that U luv something, U must do it. Do U remember that for the longest time U claimed to luv writing, but U did not actually write? That didn't make U a writer, that made U a poser.

U will notice that as U continue doing what U luv every day U continue improving. While doing what U luv, U must not feel concerned with the result. Rather, U must enjoy the process itself. Laozi wrote of the master, "When she finishes her work, she forgets it. Thus it lasts forever." During the act U must immerse totally, after the act, let the world take care of the rest. In this way U can enjoy the purity, simplicity, and wholeheartedness of the act, without lust of result.

When U program this way, or U practice taijutsu this way, or U write this way, U will realize the great sense of enjoyment and profound satisfaction U derive from flexing Ur creative capacities. Underneath layers of doubt and self-consciousness U find a pristine well of originality and inventiveness that U tap.