Enjoy your Toys

Dear Matt,

Enjoy your toys. Sometimes in the past U've bought yourself shiny new toys that U've felt excited about and wound up ignoring. Parts of U might say that U don't deserve the toy, or that U have better things to do with your time. But U know what? If U've already got the toy then U might as well enjoy it. No bigger waste than having the toy and not enjoying it. If U don't enjoy it then U'd better give it away to someone who can, as quickly as U can.

If a toy doesn't spark joy, just let it go. But really give your toys the chance to shine. Play with them! Enjoy them! Take this keyboard for instance. Do we need multiple keyboards? Not strictly speaking, but most great musicians we've met own a variety of instruments, they might even have five different guitars. Why? Because sometimes they just feel like trying out a different perspective on what they do. Now we've got a great keyboard for writing code that has a split layout and these different layers of macros and symbols and it feels perfect for the coding mood, and we've also got a great keyboard for writing essays that just has a simple layout and amazingly buttery smooth key action where the letters just flow our of our hands. Enjoy both!

What an amazing planet we live on that we've filled with wonderful objects to interact with. Fill your life with toys and get to enjoying your play. People always say U need to produce. It turns out that U've produced tons and tons in the activities that U consider play.

What people channel their creativity better than children at play? Tap back into that mindset and have some fun with the resources U've condensed into pure objects of playd and creation. Go have a blast with it all and appreciate the nice things U've done for yourself.