Friday Prayer

In the name of the most supreme God, in his most desirable name, I conjure you, most harmonious, most beautiful and most fair Lady Venus, who lies in valour, and in the might of love, who tortures the human flesh from within. O Venus, who rules over passion and distributes love, most comely Venus, who leads every yearning in the hearts of men and women and moves the entrails of people; O lady, crowned with the wreath of love, I beseech you for your power, in order to torture the people I want and make them fall under my feet. I conjure you, Venus, by God, who created you and placed you in the heavens. I conjure you by the seal that is in your heart, by your wreath, by your heaven, and in your following names: Montoaran, Maugoran, Ktioel, Pyrgeton, Lioikon, Ikarizi, Iakor, Ladokon, Parinos, Phrektiouz, Phaloumpol, Kraipophon, Alleopon, Estoge, Iaseph, Zaglytai, Krigenos, Ooulan. [In your above names, do not disobey me, but to grant your grace and your virtue in the work I am going to attempt.] Turn back your foul fortune from me. Bring me only good fortune. Amen.