I Luv Dbc

I luv "working" at DBC. DBC pays me to luv people!

I felt weird taking money in exchange for luv. I feel that we should luv regardless of reward. But now it makes sense to me. I luv loving so someone may as well pay me to.

I will improve my loving and teaching through practice. I hope to one day inspire every student I interact with to strive towards the highest expression of their innermost talents.

I wish to bring a joy of learning, life, and luv to all of my students.

If my students: learn to live to luv, or luv to learn to live, or live to luv to learn, or any such permutation I will feel so happy.

I feel so grateful that DBC provides me with an environment full of lovely, motivated, diligent, intelligent, sensitive, empathetic people where I can both grow and nurture.

I luv my coworkers. They care so much and work so hard for our students. They have so much to teach me, and I feel so honored to work with them. I felt a bit sad because a few of them that I admire a lot will leave, but I feel happy for their opportunities. And I feel a redoubled desire to make DBC even better in their absence.