Luv And Love

I find it useful in my life to distinguish between Luv and Love.

I define Luv as an attitude of acceptance, consideration, kindness, and openness that I try my best to hold towards every person that I meet. I believe that all beings inherently deserve my Luv.

That doesn't mean that I like everyone. Sometimes I don't like someone and I still do my all to luv them.

When I like someone and luv them then it becomes Love. Luv + Like = Love.

Love has many forms: I liken it to the spectrum of a rainbow. I think of Luv as pure white light, appropriate for all beings. Splitting Luv through the prism of personal preference creates the rainbow radiance of Love.

To some people I offer the leaf green Love of nurturance, or the sky blue Love of intellectual companionship, or the rose red Love of romantic partnership, or the sun yellow Love of friendly competition. It all depends on the person and the circumstances.

How many forms of Love can U think of and feel? And can U express your Luv towards every being U meet?