Master Devices

What do we get when we combine 'devil' and 'vice'? Something like 'device'.

Devices seem similar to devils. We can command them to great effect, giving us supernatural powers (literally, powers we did not have in nature). Imagine the shock of a medieval peasant seeing us use our black mirrors to speak to distant people, or "dowsing" on Google Maps to find where to go.

Obviously we derive huge benefit from our little bargains with the Devices, but at what cost?

We must not let our Devices drain us of time and energy. The little screen can draw in our eyes so we hardly see the world around us.

And what of those sucker like extensions that snake their way into our ears? Do we allow our Device to cocoon us in sensory input until we can no longer see the world but through the Device's intercession?

We all enjoy summoning our little devil. But we will not let our devil summon us with their screeching and ringing. The devil will only do our bidding, not distract us as we continue our Great Work.

Let us muffle the mouths of our little devices and relegate them to their deserved status. Let us master our devices so that they do our bidding, and not vice versa.