Monday Prayer

Lord Almighty, supreme, creator, King of kings and Lord of lords, who created and fashioned man, who embellished the heavens with stars and adorned to the earth with flowers and animals, before the site of whose power every creature, visible or invisible, shivers and trembles, I, your unworthy servant, beg you and I entreat you to hear me and subdue to me the virtue of this planet. Lady Luna, the order and the knowledge of the world, the figure of the heaven, the consolation of the night and the Queen of the constrained spirits; lady Luna, the indication of time, the sign of all celebrations and festivals; I conjure you, Luna, by the high throne of God, by the solar rays, by the rest of God, by the Cherubim and the Seraphim, by all the orders of the holy angels, and in the following names: Khariomo, Gallagil, Benouel, Agramouel, Adekael, Thyeloel, Rhaphael, Zygothoel, Galael. [For your above names, do not disobey me, but to grant your grace, power and virtue in the work I am going to attempt.] Turn back your foul fortune from me. Bring me only good fortune. Amen.