Ode To Tragedy

Today tragedy struck once more in Boston. I had some time to reflect on this. Of course I would love for tragedy to cease occurring, but until it does, we can contemplate the opportunities presented to us.

Upon remembrance of our and others’ mortality we should seize on the opportunity to express ourselves. Let us call our friends and family and let them know how much we appreciate their role in our lives. Let us reconnect with those we are out of touch with, before it is too late. Let us embrace each other and comfort each other with our physical presence.

Let us take up our crafts with renewed fervor, with the determination to build a world for our children where senseless violence does not occur. Let us pour passion into our day-to-day. Let us be unbent and unbowed and sing songs of resilience and hope.

Whatever we do, we ought not fall into terror. By definition, a terrorist wants to create terror. We cause terrorism to fail by our reaction to it.

Let us follow Norway’s example. Where the Norwegians bound together in unity and defeated the person they called he who shall not be named so that he would gain no notoriety as he wished from the attacks. Where they refused to arm their police in face of the attack. Where they rallied around their values and beliefs rather than giving into terror. Where they decided an atrocity would not put them in the stupor of paranoia.

I think about this every time I take off my shoes at the airport.

Let us seek the disturbed, the disgruntled, the disenfranchised and welcome them in our arms. For I have never known a happy man to be a terrorist. It costs us nothing to love. In fact, to love only increases our capacity for it. Is there not still love lacking in the world? For who would bomb a friend? We need only more friendships and fewer weapons. Let us tell our politicians to decrease the military budget and increase the aid budget. Do we not make ourselves the target of envy when we jealously guard our wealth with a bristling battalion of weaponry? We must maintain our strategic position, our leaders say, to maintain our power. I don’t know about you, but I prefer goodwill to power.

Let us say to those who would wish us harm, “I am not afraid, friend.”

Tragedy, harsh hacks harassing my heart, 
how hot, hopeless, hapless I in your haze
I hereby harangue you HALT! You harpy!

Wicked withering witch of wanton wrath withdraw!
Forevermore begone.