Own your Locus of Control

Dear Matthew,

Today U woke up and thought "this meeting I have to attend makes me so annoyed, what a waste of my time" and then really allowed this thought of wasted time to sap motivation and energy from your day. Luckily for U, U also took some time to read The Structure of Magic Vol 1​ and got enough objectivity to analyze and see through the disempowering and illogical assumptions in your thought pattern.

Let's break this down. "This meeting I have to attend". U don't have to do anything. U choose to attend this meeting. U could easily skip the meeting. U could go for a walk instead. Everything U do boils down to choices U've made, based on your expectations of the trade-offs. U decided on your own that the consequences of not showing up the meeting felt worse than to just show up for the meeting. The locus of control for your choices lies with yourself.

Let's switch tracks. "makes me so annoyed". Nothing can make U feel any kind of way. Events and phenomena happen and U respond to them with various feelings. No person could make U annoyed by insulting U, for instance, because U can always dismiss their insult or take it in a jovial fashion. The locus of control for your feelings lies with yourself.

Not done yet, "what a waste of my time". Only U can waste your time. If U can't think of a productive way to use this meeting, blame your own lack of imagination. If U can't use the meeting to advance your goals or curiosities in any way, then U need to start thinking more creatively about how U can get interested in the process and outcomes involved.

Get at it. "I feel excited I choose to attend this meeting because I can use it to observe organizational process and human behavior, practice skillful and influential speech, guide the attendees to regard me favorably, and attain my desired outcomes."