Placebo acts as the sexy scientist god of humorous healing.

Placebo appeared to me in the form of a strikingly well built bearded viking in a white lab coat. However, Placebo will take whatever form you find attractive, pleasing, comforting, and amusing.

Of all the gods he has the most evidence supporting his existence. Not only that, but scientists have uncovered ample scientific evidence of his healing powers. In fact, scientists so respect Placebo's healing powers that scientists don't ask, "do Placebo's healing powers really exist?" but ask instead "how can we heal better than Placebo?" We find it actually really hard to heal better than Placebo! He heals people very well! Scientists really love writing about Placebo. Google Scholar reports about 2,040,000 results.

Laughter feels like the best medicine. But Placebo wants us to know that orgasm also feels like the best medicine. And best of all feels laughter during an orgasm.

The sacred rite of Placebo goes like this:

Loudly intone PLAAAAACEEEEEBOOOOOO and then burst into laughter before lovemaking.

Placebo likes it when you pet cats. Placebo has imbued the cat's purr with relaxing and healing properties.

Placebo protects you from illnesses your partner has during the sacred rites of healing.

The pharmaceutical industry owes a lot to Placebo's miraculous healing powers as do homeopaths. You see, Placebo helps anyone with good intentions heal the sick. Placebo doesn't even care if someone else takes credit for his healing. For example, Placebo will support the effort of faith healers purporting to channel the powers of Jehovah. In surreality, Placebo did it, but he doesn't mind. He does rib Jehovah for it sometimes, because Placebo enjoys playing around and joking.

Placeboism seems like a semi-religion. Return to my playground to check out my micro-religions and semi-religions.