We should steal from Medium, Draft, and Zenpen.

Plan of attack: First just build CraftyCritiquer and start using it on /r/writing

Places Medium can use improvement:

  1. The history view sucks
  2. Comments on paragraphs not on sentences
  3. Lack of focus on collaboration
  4. Doesn't help writers earn money
  • Beautiful display. Port over good interface aspects from zencephalon.
  • Use sentence based commenting as we developed with prosedy and tactful tokenizer. Consider the selection range based commenting later.

Use this:

See this thread:!msg/meteor-talk/ouIORrR4pqU/FhnD4n4vQM0J

  • Create a rails backend with decoupled editors
  • Create an API for persisting documents and logging in users
  • Create lots of editors
  • Create document annotator/commenter