Saturday Prayer

Lord our God, the great and supreme, who created and fashioned man, the abyss saw you and feared, the living saw you and became lifeless. In his name and by his great and mighty power I conjure you, Saturn. By the height of heaven and by the depth of the sea, I conjure you, Saturn, do not disobey me. By your antiquity and by your preeminence I conjure you, O cold Saturn, who has authority over every harm, who gives treasures and who offers everything. I conjure you again, O Saturn, in your following names: Arphin, Orkip, Ouliob, Berik, Ouraphon, Sarok, Taimon, Odel, Sigep, Sotad, [grant your grace and your virtue to every work I want to accomplish.] Turn back your foul fortune from me. Bring me only good fortune. Amen.