Self Confidence Formula

First. I will achieve my Definite Purpose, therefore, I continuously act toward its attainment.

Second. The dominating thoughts of my mind manifest in action and transform into reality, therefore, I imagine my future self.

Third. Any desire I persistently hold in my mind seeks practical expression, therefore, I devote time each day to growing self-confidence.

Fourth. I have clearly written down a description of my Definite Purpose in life, and I will always iterate towards its attainment.

Fifth. Wealth and position endure, if grown from truth and justice. Therefore, I transact only for the benefit of all. I succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of people. I induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others. I cultivate kindness, compersion, admiration, generosity, and optimism, by developing love for all humanity. I know a positive attitude toward others will bring me success. I cause others to believe in me, because I believe in them, and in myself.

I will sign my name to this formula, commit it to memory, and repeat it aloud once a day, with full faith that it influences my thoughts and actions so I grow into a successful and confident person.