I have now concluded my fourth day in a row subsisting solely on Soylent. So far I really enjoy it. It tastes fine, like a really generic protein drink. Preparing my meals for an entire day takes five minutes if I take my time. I just add the powder that comes in a pre-measured sealed pouch to a pitcher, pour in water, and then shake vigorously.

I have reclaimed at least 30 minutes a day where I don't have to think about, look for, or eat food. (If 30 minutes sounds low, have some context: I didn't eat breakfast and ordered Seamless for dinner. Ordering Seamless still takes up too much mental energy, talk about option saturation and analysis paralysis...) Finding lunch in the Financial District struck me as unnecessarily expensive and involved waiting in absurdly long lines. I get to use my entire lunch break as an actual break, rather than a pitstop to maintain the function of my body.

So far I haven't noticed any differences in physical or mental function. I still follow the same physical practice routine as before, and it doesn't seem much different.

I have produced a lot more intestinal gas lately, especially if I don't make sure to chew the oatmeal grit before I swallow. I read on the Soylent forums that people's gut flora adjusted after about a week. We shall see. I have decided I will just chew my oatmeal grits for now.

I noticed some strange sensations in my head, near the front, that people attribute to an increase in potassium. The first two days on Soylent I definitely did not drink enough water. Since Soylent has both the sodium and potassium recommendations (I previously did not get anywhere near the recommended about of potassium) I need to increase my intake of water.

I found that just three days in my perspective towards food has shifted dramatically. Little bites of normal food tasted like succulent, bizarre treats. I believe that my body's craving for foods comes from nutritional needs and, indeed, I have found that since starting Soylent I do not crave any foods although I do still enjoy the experience of eating purely for taste.

My fecal matter has a pleasant consistency to it now, like a soft meat squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.

I have decided to chew gum so that my jaws do not atrophy from lack of chewing.

I have a one month supply (thanks David), with another one on the way so I expect to continue this experiment for quite a while.

Philosophically I stand behind Soylent 100%. I have no hatred of "real" food, but I think that people should have the option to sustain their basic needs for a negligible amount of time and money so that they can invest their full potential into the betterment of humankind.