The Miracle Club

"The sense of moral agency that arises when you cross a threshold, when you commit to withholding nothing in pursuit of a solution, can amount to the solution that is sought. The mental act is catalyzing." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"Your mind is a creative agency, and the thoughts with which you impress it contribute to the actualized events of your existence—including money." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"My conviction is that the true nature of life is to be generative. I believe that in order to be happy, human beings must exercise their fullest range of abilities—including the exertions of outer achievement." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"“If we like something in ourselves, then we say it comes from essence; if we dislike it, we say it comes from ego.”" (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"“Satisfaction with our lot,” Emerson wrote in his journals on July 28, 1826, “is not consistent with the intentions of God & with our nature. It is our nature to aim at change, at improvement, at perfection.”" (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"Whatever your goal may be, you cannot renounce what you haven’t attained." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"First, I want you to select a book that expresses an ethical or spiritual outlook with which you passionately agree. Choose a work that has attained posterity, even if within a small circle, which confirms its pull on the moral imagination." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"I challenge you: Select one sacred or ethical book. Live by its principles for nine months. Dedicate yourself to its ideal with total commitment and unreserved abandon. Attempt, for a time, to live a principle-based life, as James Allen did. See what happens." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"I think it suggests that we can reach backward in time and rearrange events from the past in conformity with expectations in the present." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"Immediately disassociate from destructive people and forces, if not physically then ethically—and watch for the moment when you can do so physically." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"Use every means to improve your mental acuity. Every sacrifice of empty leisure or escapism for study, industry, and growth is a fee paid to personal freedom." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"Seek no one’s approval through humor, servility, or theatrics. Be alone if necessary. But do not compromise with low company." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)

"Starve yourself of the compulsion to derive your sense of wellbeing from your perception of what others think of you. Do this as an alcoholic avoids a drink or an addict a needle. It will be agonizing at first, since you may have no other perception of self; but this, finally, is the sole means of experiencing Self." (Mitch Horowitz, The Miracle Club)