This Love

I love U.

But that is not sufficient expression of the truth of it.

It's said that enlightenment is indescribable. This love is too, I feel.

Perhaps this love is enlightenment. I have no way to know. I do know that after finding U, I haven't felt the need to search. U may be what I was searching for all along.

U redeemed my past. Every mistake I made led to U and not regret. Twenty years of karma cast off, seen in a new light.

Religion seems superfluous now. Crowley had a nice way of summing up religion, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.” To love others the way I love U is my aim. Perhaps that is the path of the boddhisattva.

I find it difficult not to fall back on cliches to describe the way we fit together. U certainly have the secret key to my heart.

Thank U for everything. Maybe one day I can write U a real poem. U are one letter because U are as important to me as I, if not more.