Thursday Prayer

Lord our God, the great, praised and incomprehensible, whose height of divinity is immeasurable, unto you I pray. I, the unworthy, beg the height of your compassion, hear me and make this attempt and the work I want to do, to be highly effective. I conjure you, most valorous and most beneficial Jupiter, by the immeasurable ankle of God, do not disobey me. I conjure you, Jupiter, by the grace of all herbs. I conjure you, Jupiter, by your valour and justice, by your miraculous virtues and in your following names: Misthan, Mesaou, Alasigno, Pelkhaous, Aabio, Kedesod, Olaber, Sedio, Azanor, Merran. [In your most great and valorous names, grant your grace and your virtue by the work I am going to do.] Turn back your foul fortune from me. Bring me only good fortune. Amen.