Tuesday Angel Prayer

Face North.

Samael, Satael, Amabiel, Be my helpers in these petitions and in all things.

Face East.

Friagne, Guael, Damael, Calzas, Arragon

Face West.

Lama, Astagna, Lobquin, Soncas, Iaxel, Isiael, Iriel

Face North again.

Rabumel, Hyniel, Rayel, Seraphiel, Mathiel, Fraciel

Face South.

Sacriel, Ianiel, Galdel, Osael, Viannel, Zaliel

Face North or East. Make the sign of the cross where specified.

I adjure and call you forth, by the seat of Adonay + and by Hagios + Otheos + Iskiros, Athanatos, Paracletus, Alpha and Omega and by these three secret names Agla + On + Tetragrammaton + that you at once fulfill all that I desire.

I conjure and encourage you, O strong and holy angels, by the names Ya, El, Ay, Elibra, Eloim, Eloim and by the names of the same high God who made water and dry land appear and set his seal upon both. I conjure you by the names of the angels governing the fifth army, who serve the great angel Acimoy, strong, powerful and respected. And by the name of his star which is Mars.

I conjure over you, Samael, great angel who is placed in command of Tuesday, that you work on my behalf and fulfill all my petitions.