Tuesday Prayer

O Lord, powerful and mighty, whose anger dries the bottom of the sea, whose powerful glance breaks mountains, the mountains feared you and the abyss was terrified by you. Every choir of archangels and angels worshipped to you. In your name, my Lord, I dare to attempt every work. I conjure you, Mars, bellicose Mars, by the heart of the mighty lion and by the flame of the strong, burning fire, to obey me. I conjure you, Mars, sanguine and daring, by the air, by the earth and by the centre of the earth, to obey me. O Mars who rejoices in calamity and despises happiness, I conjure you by Him, whom you and every planetary creation fears, and in your following fiery names, Agla, Aser, Pioriroth, Alband, Endor, Omer, Skonaphor, Kalonos, Almanos. [In your above names, grant your grace and your virtue in my present work.] Turn back your foul fortune from me. Bring me only good fortune. Amen.