Wednesday Prayer

In the name of the Omni-benevolent God, Amen; O Lord, who dwells on high and beholds the humble, who guides the reins and the hearts, the Lord of spirits, the King of heaven and earth, grant your grace to me, the sinner, O Lord, in order to subdue the powers of the planet Mercury. O Mercury, the most skilled in logical arguments, the effective and most excellent in wisdom and in every science; who divides and distributes the art and craft of each person; the experienced and skilled soldier, since without you all things, mobile or immobile, cannot be known; O Mercury, creator, philosopher and greatest among orators, who rules over minds; I conjure you by God who created you and placed you in the heavens. I conjure you by your heaven, by your sphere, by the treasure and by the secret wisdom of God, by his strong and immeasurable hand and by all the myriads of angels, do not disobey me. I conjure you in the following names: Siboraz, Hyielisphak, Iagrou, Hysoreono, Eililoph, Naendor, Gelstamot, Khaselon, Aseoulouel, Teratouon, Sphalikon, Kyrmaen, Barnidon. [In your above names, grant me your grace and your virtue, in order that any work I attempt be effective and true; by the omnipotence of God, Amen.] Turn back your foul fortune from me. Bring me only good fortune. Amen.