Writing To Myself

Dear Matt,

U should write to Urself. Why? Because U often get hung up on what Ur audience will think, and it prevents U from writing and truly expressing Urself. But U know what U want to read, so when U write to Urself, U truly release Ur creativity. Plus, when U write to Urself, U can instruct Urself in the way U think U should live. Since U know how U want to live, U don't need all these complicated arguments and theories about why U should live that way, U just need to tell Urself and U will do it.

Writing to Urself effectively self-hypnotizes U. Just think, U find enormous meaning in writing. U really take the written word seriously and believe that it can guide U to act better. So why not write to Urself and create the words U wish to live by? A sound principle, right?

When U write to Urself U feel no pressure, because only U will read it. U could publish what U write to Urself, but U shouldn't care what other people think, because U don't consider them Ur intended audience.

Great writers often say in order to write well U must know Ur audience. Well, U know Urself, so Ur writing will sound great to U. In a mystical sense, which U know U love, to know Urself truly means knowing others too, because fundamentally we share the human experience. U know that U had trouble loving and expressing Ur love for people before U learned to love Urself. How could U give to another person what U thought U did not deserve? When U learned to love Urself, then U also learned to love others. And what a difference it has made in Ur life, has it not?

So along similar lines, once U have learned to write for Urself, U will also have learned to write for others. And how wonderful U will feel. When U can stir the emotions in Ur own heart, when U can instill hope and excitement in Urself, then how could U not do so in another? Just think of all the wondrous stories U can weave to inspire children to make the world a better place, the thoughtful philosophical novels that explore the depths of the human experience, rousing popular opinion pieces that influence the public to see things in a new light, clear and concise instruction manuals to help people change their lives with practical skills. U can do all that, but U have to practice, and U have to start somewhere. Starting with Urself takes off all the pressure. Why would U judge Urself for what U have written to Urself? U would only defeat Urself by doing so.

U can't bullshit Urself. So when U write to Urself, U write without artifice and with nothing to hide. Why do U write to Urself? U already know. Hopefully Ur motives feel good, because U treat Urself well.

Writing to Urself feels easy, because U don't have to worry about logical progressions between one thought and the next. It makes sense to U, because U just meandered to a new topic, and U don't care where thing head. Writing to Urself feels fun because U can come up with many astounding ideas without worrying about perception.

Writing to Urself feels a little different than writing to Ur diary.

Write to Urself everyday, because U will love it. U want to write, U've just felt shy about expressing Urself in the past. U have a lot of soul, and U can get comfortable with sharing that by first sharing it with Urself. Write to Urself everyday, and the words will become malleable as putty. As U write to Urself everyday U may notice a sense of ease and eloquence in Ur composition. In the days and weeks ahead U may find great enjoyment in writing to Urself everyday. People can, U know, write to themselves everyday, and in doing so gain great practice in writing.