Choose Beliefs Wisely

Social scientists have shown the incredible power of confirmation bias. Many people I know regard this power fearfully. After all, we must carefully root out our biases so we don't harbor harmful beliefs. It seems anything we wish to belief we can convince ourselves of thanks to confirmation bias. As Robert Anton Wilson put it, "Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves."

I see a great opportunity in this. Knowing that we can come to believe anything, and continually confirm and empower those beliefs we will take great care in choosing some fundamentally positive beliefs and then rejoice in their application.

Each belief that we choose becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. A feedback loop of confirmation bias that colors our perception of the world. Since our perception of the world takes place entirely subjectively, changing our perception has the effect of changing our own subjective reality. Belief becomes Perceptions which becomes Reality. Choose Ur beliefs carefully!

U will certainly need to come up with Ur own beliefs for maximum efficacy, but I've listed a few examples.

  1. ILUVU
  2. I see the beauty in others, thus I look beautiful. I hear the eloquence in others, thus I sound eloquent.
  3. Every experience makes me wiser.
  4. I feel healthy.
  5. The seeds of my labor will bear wonderful fruit.
  6. Smile and the world will smile back.
  7. Pronoia
  8. All of us Individuated for the sake of Union.