Lovism is a micro religion that has just three tenets. Two of them don't even require faith!

0. I exist.

While U read this U may realize how obvious it seems that U exist.

1. U exist.

I use ‘U’ as a general term. It can mean ‘you/U’ in the conventional sense of another person, or ‘U’ as in the Universe at large.

2. I luv U

I consider this the only tenet that requires any faith. Living as a lover requires only that U internalize this and apply it wherever possible. Let’s say that as U make breakfast, U happen to contemplate Ur toaster. Since Ur toaster exists as a ‘U’, U say to it, “I luv U”. Then, as U walk out the door U see Ur neighbor, and U say “I luv U”.

Sometimes U might see something U don't know U love. U might ask Urself, “do I luv U?” Have faith! Just remember, “I luv U”. It doesn't take much!

Lovism doesn’t have complicated rules like, “Thou shalt not murder”, because all that gets covered by “I luv U”. Just remember that “I love U” and then do as Ur heart guides U.

Lovism FAQ

Do I have to love my manager?

I luv U.

What if I feel angry?

Have faith. I luv U.

What if sometimes I hate my parents?

Tell them, "I luv U".

How do I convert more people to Lovism?

Tell them "I luv U". Lovism doesn't really care about proselytizing because regardless of whether someone else follows lovism, U must luv them. That said, leading by example usually wins people over, so just luv lots of people!

Sometimes I feel depressed. Can lovism help with that?

Sure, just tell Urself “I luv U” and smile. Go tell other people "I luv U" too, it'll feel great.

Doesn’t ‘U’ piss U off? It pisses me off.

I love U. U can just spell it ‘you’. I just try to make a point about the Universe. I think the fact that 'I' is shorter than 'you' makes it seem like 'I' has more importance than 'you' when 'U' and 'I' really carry the same importance.

Don't we just blindly repeating a rote formula?

U need to mean it in Ur heart when U say “I luv U” or U will make it meaningless. U must feel and enact the religious experience of Lovism Urself.