Clean your Tools

Dear Matt,

Occasionally, after an epic quest, U will find yourself in a period of relative calm. U might feel a sense of restlessness and confusion about what to do next. Invest that time into cleaning and maintaining your tools. Rest assured, U will receive another summons to adventure. Use the time U have in order to prepare yourself.

Remember that time U found your wrench could barely adjust anymore? U had neglected it for too long. Fortunately with some WD-40 and loving thumb-grease U got it working like new again. Imagine your embarrassment had U needed it for an assignment or project and U found it in that state.

U have done well to invest in solid, metal hardware of various sorts. They will last U for the span of your life and serve as heirlooms to pass down to future generations, provided U take sufficient care of them. Sharpen your knives, and swords. Oil your weapons and drum. Care for your bicycle like U would a steed.

An adventurer carries many responsibilities. U must respond to your equipment and care for it. This way U may best serve your constituents. After every battle adjust your helmet. After every victory take inventory, consider your upgrades, maintain your arsenal. Always prepare so that life never catches U off guard. In this way U can snatch the opportunities Fortune extends.