Deus In Machina

In two neighboring universe branches of the great world tree, the virtual reality machine is invented.

In one world exclusive control of the machine falls into the hands of Axiom Corporation. Money is gradually obsoleted as the realization dawns that anything money could buy, could be had in the machine. Increasingly the people of earth work for Axiom in order to earn Time in the machine. Soon the entire world is The Corporation’s Body. All human endeavor is devoted to fueling the machine. The people are divided into two classes. The Creatives who create new content for the masses to experience in the machine, and the Consumers who labor for the privilege of experiencing the machine. An average laborer may live fifty years, spending a meager five percent of his time in the machine. Meanwhile the presidents of the corporation live forever, suspended in the machine.

In the other world, the control is made open source. Money is gradually obsoleted. The decision is made that a foundation to provide the machine to all the world will be created. Gradually humans retreat into paradise, leaving robots to maintain the machine. Inside the machine, all are allowed to create. An unprecedented era in human creativity unfolds.

The world's fifty-one wealthiest individuals sit at a long mahogany table in a luxurious boardroom belonging to Axiom Corporation. Together they own eight-seven percent of the world's wealth. At the table's head stands Adam Axiom, the world's fourth wealthiest man, who has called this meeting. All eyes look expectantly at Adam, and he smiles, feeling confident that this will go as planned.

"Ladies and Gentleman, you have gathered here because I possess something you all desire. Immortality. Here at Axiom we have achieved it. However, I know you. You desire more. Immortality does not satisfy the likes of us. We who tower above ordinary people in our ambitions. No. You seek also omnipotence. I can give you both. For the keys to heaven I ask only all your worldly riches."

Bytecoin currently used as currency. Later Timecoin takes over, time in the machine.