Is There Nothing More

It has been 500,000 years since the invention of writing. We, man, have explored every pocket of this universe and run abut against its edges. We find we can travel faster than the speed of light to anywhere within the confines of this universe, but there is no escaping it. It is with regret that we report there is no life form we have found with our capacity for intelligence. We are alone in this black sphere. We have bound all our minds together so that we are one, such is our desire for unity. We crave the other. It seems a cruel joke that we have discovered everything there is to know about this universe except why it exists, how it was built, and why we have been placed in it.

There is only a single experiment left to conduct. All breakthroughs in physics have resulted from colliding more material at higher speeds. This is the culmination, the final frontier.

On one end of the universe we have collected all of the matter that isn’t a part of us. On the other end we have collected all of the anti-matter that isn’t us a part of us. All black holes have been arranged to accelerate this matter along a collision course. We don’t know exactly what to expect, but we anticipate a big bang.