Mindfulness Meditation Guide

To understand the ‘why’ of these instructions, please refer to my mindfulness meditation theory page.

  1. Let your spine be naturally erect. You are doing it right when you do not feel any effort in your abdomen or back to keep your torso up. This is more a matter of balance than anything. When your spine is balanced it holds up your entire body without effort.
  2. Breathe deeply and smoothly with your diaphragm.
  3. Lightly focus your attention on your breath to keep it smooth, long, deep, and silent.
  4. Whenever you lose focus, just return to step 3. Or if you've really lost focus, return to step 1, as your posture may have slumped.

There’s nothing else to it. Practice in all gaps of spare time (in the elevator, in a line, on the subway, in an unimportant meeting, while showering, etc., you can be creative and find those gaps yourself) until this becomes your natural posture and way of breathing. When it does, you will be naturally relaxed.