Meditation reshaped my life for the better. Using meditation I overcame depression, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety, multiple drug addiction, attention deficit disorder, and a gnawing sense of emptiness and nihilism that I couldn't shake for years.

If U feel perfectly content with Ur life and have no qualms with what U do, then congratulations! U might not need meditation. But if U feel like U might benefit from crisp concentration, accentuated alertness, real relaxation, superb sleep, or habitual happiness, then meditation might suit U.

I recommend getting started with mindfulness meditation. U can jump straight in with my mindfulness meditation guide, or if U need more convincing U can read my mindfulness meditation theory page to gain an understanding of how and why it works and what it does, or if U prefer a less anecdotal and more scientific perspective then U can read the extensive academic research on mindfulness meditation.

When U've made good progress in mindfulness, U can learn some basic insight meditation. Again, U can jump straight in with my insight meditation guide, or U can read the scholarly articles on insight meditation.

If U have quieted Ur mind to the point of emptiness, and now seek an active visualization technique to fill Ur mind with excellent thoughts, try out the Secret Smile Meditation.

U might also enjoy checking out Fire Kasina‌ meditation.

If U feel that U need assistance please contact me. I feel ready and willing to assist U, and I seek no payment for my services. Rather, I only request that if U find meditation as useful in Ur life as I have in mine, that U too pass the gift on to friends and loved ones.