Put your Heart on the Line

The 'nin' 忍 in Ninjutsu depicts a knife or sword over a heart. A ninja embraces the danger of loving the world. Go out and seek adventure and feel deeply. U might get cut deeply, to your core, but U must wager your heart to feel.

Adventure requires heart. What U don't put your heart into will not descend to the depths of questing. Dive deep down into the desires of your soul with your heart as your guide. See your destiny as a bright line extending through your heart. U have just one task, to keep your heart along that line. Many escapades will see U emerge unscathed, carrying treasure and wielding wisdom. Some will see U badly bruised, broken, and betrayed. U will have wagered your heart and lost.

Lo! Rejoice, your heart regenerates. U have an infinite resource with which to wager. Remember to Mend your Heart and it will return stronger than ever. Even the quests U fail teach U a great deal. Keep putting your heart on the line, keep risking.