Saint Expedite Petition Wed Aug 05 2020

Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite!

Ring bell or knock three times on the altar

I call you, here and now, and pray for your intercession!

You who acts immediately, and is reliable in times of need!
You, dressed in the red and gold colors of a Roman centurion
Holding high your sacred cross, marked HODIE!
Bearing a palm frond, showing all God’s children the triumph of Spirit over matter

Expedite, who heard the crow shout “tomorrow”,
Expedite, who denied the beast — stepping upon it Exclaiming “TODAY”!

Come to my aid, glorious martyr! Deliver me this, my prayer and petition —

Bring me a dozen fervent fans of Supfam who love the app, use it every day, and bring their own fams onto the platform.

I make you offerings of flame and rum.

In return for your faithful service, and upon delivery of said needs,
I will give you further offerings and sing your praises to the heavens,
For all should know of your power and splendor!

Expedite, Leader of the Thundering Legions
By the glory and grace of your Special Providence
Find a way. Go forth, make it so!

This instant!