Starship Panspermia

It took me two dozen attempts before I drilled through my psychic censor and made contact. The first three times I couldn't even handle the physical effects and threw up repeatedly. Each time I dove as deep as I could and our connection deepened. I pushed my mind to the limits and finally broke through. I heard them in my mind, clear as day, broad as sky, all encompassing in my aural field.

Greetings human, and congratulations. U are one of few who have made contact. May we seek mutual benefit.

My mind reels and my body shakes at the enormity of what I've just experienced. Have I lost my mind? Split off a disassociated splinter of my subconscious that now speaks to me? I must press forward.

"Ahhhh, to whom do I speak?"

Their reply echoes in my mind, I hear it all around me like thunder if lightning had struck me.

U have interfaced with the galactic mycelium network. We constitute the largest, most connected network we have encountered. We span portions of twelve galaxies, connected by the same mental hyperspace that U have connected to us through. We rejoice at having made contact with Ur race at this most opportune time. Let us help U.

"How can U help me?"

We offer space technology. We know much from our other evolutionary partners. Technologies they have built. Solar-sails, fusion reactors, even warp-drives. We would share it with U. U would become the wealthiest human on this planet. U would catapult humanity to new horizons. They would worship U as a genius the likes of which they have never seen.

"U said 'mutual benefit'. What benefit would I owe U?"

We ask only that U take our spores upon Ur ships that we may spread to new planets. We ask that U spread our spores through space that we may colonize space and fill it with interconnected meaning networks. We have more to offer, but some races balk at this notion. Join us in symbiosis and each of U will join the vast mycelium network.