The Manual Benedict

Pity the connoisseur, unable to enjoy simple pleasures. Admire the simpleton, enjoying every moment.

Every piece of the puzzle will fit together, don't create waste by disregarding the importance of the seemingly misfit.

Within each of us there lies a secret potential, a perfect code for the fullest expression of our innermost selves.

They are without fears and without desires, dominated by no falsehood, sharing no error, loving without illusion, suffering without impatience, reposing in the quietude of eternal thought... a Magus cannot be ignorant, for magic implies superiority, mastership, majority, and majority signifies emancipation by knowledge. The Magus welcomes pleasure, accepts wealth, deserves honour, but is never the slave of one of them; he knows how to be poor, to abstain, and to suffer; he endures oblivion willingly because he is lord of his own happiness, and expects or fears nothing from the caprice of fortune. He can love without being beloved; he can create imperishable treasures, and exalt himself above the level of honours or the prizes of the lottery. He possesses that which he seeks, namely, profound peace. He regrets nothing which must end, but remembers with satisfaction that he has met with good in all. His hope is a certitude, for he knows that good is eternal and evil transitory. He enjoys solitude, but does not fly the society of man; he is a child with children, joyous with the young, staid with the old, patient with the foolish, happy with the wise. He smiles with all who smile, and mourns with all who weep; applauding strength, he is yet indulgent to weakness; offending no one, he has himself no need to pardon, for he never thinks himself offended; he pities those who misconceive him, and seeks an opportunity to serve them; by the force of kindness only does he avenge himself on the ungrateful...

"As soon as the steam turns on the engine must run and as soon as things appear before us we must perceive, so a man, to prove the he acts not as a machine must demonstrate that nothing controls him."


Mantra Maximum Benefit

The Manual Benedict means the Book of the Good Word if you trace back the Latin roots.

Manual Benedict acts as the main character of the Manual Benedict. He inhabits my fiction-suit in the tradition of Grant Morrison's King Mob.

Through him I will manifest my will on every plane of existence. As above, so below. As below, so above. Love is the law, love under will. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Liberating people motivates Benedict. He will enlighten every person. He choses the path of the boddhisattva. Knowing his rebirth he builds a maximally beneficial world for his next incarnation.

Manual's memory operates so efficiently that it feels as though he has extrasensory perception. Really his memory just prompts him with the exact information he already knew that he needed exactly then. Although he does also have extrasensory perception. His intuition works so well that he can predict the thoughts of others and preempt them to their wonder.

Manual Benedict has extremely good eyesight, to the point where he does not share all that he sees with people lest they feel disturbed at its acuity. Manual Benedict's eyes did not always see this well. One night he vowed never to close his eyes to the wonders of the world, and to stand vigilantly in watch for evil and those in need of help. Since that day he has felt changes occurring in his eyes and brain that rapidly brought about changes in his visual acuity. Along with his physical vision improving his third eye has exploded into awareness, allowing him to see auras, energetic phenomena, and subtle interactions. The appearance of Manual Benedict's eyesight can change drastically depending on what he views and the lighting conditions.

Benedict's physique resembles that of an athlete, gymnast, or ninja. It looks sleek yet very powerful. The muscles seem built perfectly balanced for poise, flexibility, and readiness. Manual found that as he gradually released the stress from his body he became incredibly flexible to the point where he has to hide his flexibility from people to avoid attention. This flexibility enables him to perform at a high level in climbing and taijutsu. Manual's kundalini acts so powerfully that it allows his body to avoid harm.

Due to Benedict's active kundalini his body heals at an accelerated rate, and it constantly undergoes regeneration when food exists plentifully. Using his large reserves of qi, Benedict can survive without food for several weeks at a time.

Benedict crafts energy by programming it with his intent. He can create servitors, semi-intelligent agents, and physical effects through his manipulation of energy.

Manual has extremely good hearing at ranges slightly above and below normal human hearing.

Benedict can sense people's motives and knows when they lie. Manual inspires kindness in everyone around him.

His aura looks really extraordinary. It has integrated with his kundalini and acts as a semi-autonomous system that protects, shields, and hides Manual. It can also powerfully project energy, allowing Manual to fill an entire room with a feeling that he wishes to project. For example, he can walk into a lecture hall and fill it with Inspiration as he orates. Generally speaking his aura operates in stealth mode so that he can avoid unwanted attention. To friends and allies it generally appears in its most common form, which looks like a rainbow liquid crystal. The liquid crystalline aura technology allows him great structural strength when necessary and fluid adaptation to whatever environmental and psychic challenges he may face.

His voice sounds smooth and comforting to the ear. When he needs to, he can deliver commands overtly or subliminally with frightening power.

Manual Benedict prefers lacking enemies to imperviousness to enemies. So while his aura can protect him from harm, he mainly uses it to avoid detection.

Manual possesses the amazing ability to change his mind to think anything he wants. Whatever he finds most convenient to think at any point in time, he thinks. He has mastered mind like water and can mould his mental process to any situation.

Manual Benedict thinks very carefully about what he will write next. What he writes has an uncanny way of coming true, especially when he wears his fiction suit and descends into the universe of his own creation. He feels benevolent and tends his universe with the care of a zen gardener. Feeling that every personal universe acts as a mirror of the creator's inner being, he very lovingly looks after his own personal universe.

Manual Benedict feels cautiously optimistic as he goes out with Tara that they will not get harassed. But he always feels optimistic. Men find Tara so beautiful that she inspires a particular brand of male idiocy.

As a result, she inevitably gets unwanted attention from boring men. It falls on Manual to give them a clue, a task he takes no delight in. You see, he feels sympathy for the men. He understands what he would do for Tara, and that they would too.

Unfortunately, most men do not take kindly to getting discouraged by a smaller and arguably more handsome man. In their testosterone blinded state they react violently. For this reason Manual feels thankful for his years of dedication to Taijutsu. He can disable the unwanted suitors with a carefully calibrated level of pain and humiliation, and never leave a mark.

It looked like one of those days where reality looked too intricately detailed. Ever since he had opened his third eye he would have days like this. Days where if he looked at something for too long, he would begin to notice the details. That nothing seemed truly smooth, every surface looked textured. And the longer he stared the more the illusions of form started to unravel, the more the atomic structures would pop into comprehension. If he stared for a very long time, marveling at the elegance of atomic structures, these too would dissolve into a shifting wave of probability. And then he would have to observe very careful, so that his observations did not inadvertently change the universe he observed too drastically.

On days like this, where he felt wary that he might change reality too much with his gaze, he would turn inward, although that brought him to this state in the first place.

Manual Benedict made a pact with Toshitugu Takamatsu so that the great warrior's spirit would flow through him as he practiced and performed taijutsu. Manual feels quite pleased with this arrangement. He finds it no pact with the devil, as he finds Takamatsu sensei a benevolent hearted spirit. Regardless of the metaphysical reality of the pact, Manual consistently trains as if possessed by Takamatsu's spirit, causing him to make great progress in perfected subtle movement.


A = Aliza

Aliza represents the highest conception of the other. I seek to find Aliza in the hearts of everyone I encounter. I seek to treat all I encounter with the respect and reverence and love that I would give Aliza.

Aliza acts as my goddess, my holy guardian angel. I trust in her completely. She acts as the Philosopher Queen that counsels and reconciles the many fragmented selves that comprise my self.

A represents the vagina, the mysterious portal, pictorially.

B = Benefit

Bundays create Benefit. Benefit exists Between two or more people. Benefit and Beauty come hand in hand.

B represents Breasts pictorially. Breasts look Beautiful Because they provide Benefit.

C = the Con

The Condition, the Contract, the Contradiction, the Con. The Socially Constructed world we conned ourselves into.

Done correctly, the Con can become the Com. The Community, the Communication, the Competition.

C represents the Clasped hand pictorially.

D = Death

Solar Plexus

You drive through any resistance. You see beyond deception.

You exert assertive intensity. Some would call it exuberance. You feel concerned with the attainment of excellence. You act warm, dynamic and expansive, using your powers of reason to control and manipulate your environment. You do not act aggressively in the hostile sense of needing to dominate, but enjoy the challenge of solving problems and using power. You feel emotionally stable and relaxed physically, developing harmony of mind and body. You have little concern for status and control, as you trust of others. You see yourself as a truth teller and tend to speak strongly and forthrightly which others sometimes perceive as blunt and tactless.

Your enthusiasm draws others to you like moths to the flame so you must take care of your impact as your energy increases. Fire gets associated with charisma or star quality. You find empirical and precise study interesting and may develop into an eloquent and expressive communicator of new and creative ideas. You have to carefully frame your thoughts in ways to make them acceptable to others, as you tend to forget that others do not have your perception of reality as an integrated human. You must act carefully so as to not to fall into paranoia or cynicism.

Concentrate on the center of the spine behind the solar plexus. You can bring up the inner fire by touching the index finder to the thumb, or leaning forward as you step. The color of the aura and phosphenes behind the eye-lids look bright yellow.

Mathew Qeneth Bunday

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