Full Body Liquid Fill

This applies to any feeling U want to fill your body with: relaxation, confidence, happiness, love, etc.

Imagine a bright colored liquid. Feel the liquid. I process more kinesthetically so feeling works better than visualizing, YMMV.

  • Feel your feet fill with the liquid
  • Feel it filling your calves and shins up to knees
  • Feel it fill your knees and into your quads, hamstrings, big leg muscles
  • Feel it fill your genitals and hips
  • Feel your torso like a barrel, the liquid fills the barrels
  • Feel your stomach and low back filling
  • Feel it fill up to your solar plexus and midback
  • Feel it fill up to chest, ribs, heart, back
  • Feel it reach your armpits and spill down into your fingers
  • Feel each finger fill like a sausage
  • Feel it fill to your wrists, forearms, upper arms
  • Feel it fill up to shoulders, lower neck
  • Feel it fill your neck
  • Feel it flow over the back of your neck and top of your head
  • Feel it flow over your forehead, around your eyes, down your cheeks
  • Catch it on your tongue, mix it with your saliva, swallow it down
  • Feel it travel down throat, esophagus, into stomach