Run with Inspiration

Dear Matthew,

U just had one of those nights. A night where U caught the scent of inspiration and ran with it from 10 PM to 3 AM. In one night U crushed out a project that U had gestated for months. Relish in that sense of accomplishment. Notice how energizing it felt? Not only did U overcome The Resistance but U flew well past its grasp and soared in the skies of your creativity.

Moments like this don't occur every day, but if U Start Every Day U will encounter them more often. When U do chance upon an updraft of inspiration then seize your opportunity and spread your wings. U won't gain anything by holding back or curbing your enthusiasm. Ride the wave as long as your body allows. Don't hurt your future selves by pushing yourself too far, however keep in mind the healing effect of achieving your purpose.

U might have noticed that while U felt a bit tired today, after your long creative night yesterday, after the morning passed U still had a lot of energy and a productive day. Overall the energy uplift and enthusiasm U gained from going after your dreams more than made up for the few hours of sleep U lost. Tonight U will have a well deserved sound night's sleep and your body will recover and replenish.

Enjoy the rest and get ready to start again.