Start Every Day

Dear Matthew,

By now U have real experience facing The Resistance and U know that every day U must face it again. Each and every day U just have to start again, in order to defeat the Resistance.

Why does Zen philosophy benefit martial artists? For one thing, it emphasizes the importance of Beginner's Mind. What does a beginner do? A beginner begins. Each day we must begin anew, in this way each day we act as a beginner. To remain a perpetual beginner means that each day we approach our practice, thus each day we deepen our commitment to the journey of our life path.

U've probably noticed by now that each time that U manage to start the ball of progress rolling the easier everything else gets that day. We face the most resistance right at the start, but once we get going we have sustained power. U must focus your energy on starting, because U find that the most difficult. Like in all things, shore up your weaknesses to allow your strengths to carry U.

U have the strength of commitment and lasting power. U need to build your initiative. When U reach the point where U can reliably and consistently initiate, U will find that U stride steadily along the course of your destiny.

So just start again. Just like meditating. Bring your focus back to your breath. Over and over U bring your focus back to your breath. With each breath U start your meditation practice anew. With each day U start the practice of your life again.